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Variety.com, in a review of the rock musical Prime, (6/12/06) had this to say…“…brief but impressive sax flare-ups by Mark Sowlakis…”
This site is the home of Pacific Winds Musical Productions and clarinetist/saxophonist Mark Sowlakis.

Here you will find information about Mark’s education and background, his private teaching studio and lesson policy, his recordings, and his blogs on both music and golf.

Please enjoy the site and information here. I hope that this site will be a resource for the various things I’m passionate about. Please check back often as the site content will now change frequently, and I hope you enjoy the new blogs about both music and golf.


My new recording, Universal Truths, can be purchased at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/MarkSowlakis or on iTunes, or by contacting me directly.

From the Liner Notes to Universal Truths:

Sound has for centuries provided a means to communicate thoughts, moods and feelings to people of all races and cultures.  A “universal language” if you will.  A musician that speaks through his music tries to communicate truthfully and honestly his life experiences.  Musicians therefore possess the ability to express……Universal Truths.

This recording is the result of the last two years (2011-2012) spent learning the music notation software Finale and the home recording software Logic.  All the music is original, and all the recording was done by me personally with the help and input of Colin Dyer.  The result is a huge leap for me, integrating many of the styles and genres I’ve been influenced by over the years.  I feel my compositional style has emerged and become another deep aspect of my musical foundation as a result of this work.  I’ve tried in certain pieces to incorporate through composed chamber music with free improvisation, and several of these compositions were written with specific musicians in mind. I am indebted to these friends who generously allowed me to integrate their artistry into my music, and who performed with such integrity, skill and enthusiasm.  All were supportive and energetic, and it was a thrill to watch how this all came together over time.  A big thank you to all of them for their efforts…..

Featured musicians…….
Perry Robinson-clarinet
Evan Francis-flute
Jack Chandler-flute
George Young-tenor sax
Paul Eastburn-bass
Phil Grenadier-trumpet

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